Ohio HB 401

In yet another attempt to thwart the growing clean energy economy in Ohio, proposed House Bill 401 seeks to subject wind energy projects throughout the state to cancellation after prior approval by the Ohio Power Siting Board. It’s passage, driven by opponents of existing wind projects, would create a restrictive and uncertain regulatory playing field that could effectively cease all current and future wind industry investment in local communities.

The economic benefits of the wind industry’s presence in Ohio can be seen throughout local communities, investing billions in capital and creating thousands of jobs that are essential to development and growth.

For economic development to thrive, it is critical that state policymakers establish a fair and consistent set of statutes and regulations. Large corporate investment requires a predictable policy landscape. When a state makes it difficult for corporations to have confidence in the rules under which they will be doing business, those corporations will seek other locations, and the economic benefits will follow.

GEO has supported and promoted wind energy development since the organization’s founding in 2000. On behalf of the diverse membership of individuals, businesses, community and government entities, and academic institutions we represent, Green Energy Ohio urges members of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to carefully consider the negative ramifications House Bill 401 would have on the state and its citizens.

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