Green Energy Ohio calls for the immediate repeal of House Bill 6

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As a result of today’s indictments alleging widespread acts of corruption, Green Energy Ohio (GEO) calls for the repeal of House Bill 6.  GEO joins other environmental organizations, clean energy business leaders, and Ohio activists in calling for immediate action.

GEO was vocal in its opposition to the legislation in committee testimony and through communication with members and supporters.  We strongly opposed the bill’s intent to undo programs of benefit to Ohio residents, to reverse the progress that Ohio had made toward a clean energy economy, and to undermine future efforts to address climate change.

As clean energy activists, we are no stranger to hard-fought legislative battles, and we are under no illusion that it’s always a level playing field.  However, the degree to which the electoral and legislative processes were allegedly manipulated to ensure the passage of House Bill 6 is unprecedented.  To allow the statute to continue in effect in light of today’s revelations would be the ultimate insult to the citizens of Ohio, whose voices were not allowed to be heard and whose resources are funding the corrupt outcome.

July 21, 2020