GEO’s 2021 Electric Vehicle Tour

For 17 years Green Energy Ohio sponsored a statewide tour to showcase the installation and use of clean energy technologies. When we started, solar panels were a novelty and information was hard to find.  GEO helped to fill that gap with in-person tour experiences, and went on to feature all forms of renewable energy, including wind, geothermal, and biomass.

This year we are taking a new route and focusing on all aspects of vehicle electrification. For an entire week in June, GEO and our partners will be touring the state to share the work that is being done, the people who are leading that work, and the opportunities that electric vehicles present.   

Visit the GEO 2021 EV Tour website

We have six themes for the EV Tour, which we will be connecting through events at the various stops:

  • Connecting clean energy with clean transportation
  • Educating the public on EV infrastructure throughout Ohio
  • Featuring EV business and industry partners
  • Building an advocacy coalition for clean transportation
  • Engaging policy-makers at all levels
  • Supporting career pathways in clean transportation

Along the way we will be:

  • Offering information on EV makes and models.
  • Hosting educational events tied to regional activity.
  • Partnering with local organizations.
  • Promoting Ohio businesses engaged in clean transportation.
  • Inviting local media coverage to amplify our messages.
  • Encouraging elected officials to discuss policies that support electrification.
  • Recording events to allow supporters to see what’s happening each day.