Blue Rock Station

Green Energy Ohio is pleased to promote opportunities for solar training with our long-time partner, Blue Rock Station. A variety of online and in-person courses are offered through Blue Rock Station, with different price points, requirements, and training goals.

The 10-hour Introduction to PV class is designed for those new to solar and interested in understanding the fundamentals of how solar photovoltaic systems work – but are not necessarily going to design or install systems at this time. This course is ideal for homeowners interested in solar, electricians thinking they may wish to expand into the solar marketplace, building owners or architects who have questions about how solar might be incorporated into their facilities, or consultants who are increasingly being asked about solar.

The five-day Residential Solar installation and Design course focuses on the skills and knowledge required to design and install residential-scale solar electrical systems for individuals who want to know before they hire someone to install a system, want to install their own system, or are considering the rapidly growing PV industry as a career. As part of every 5-day class, students are encouraged to design a system for their use, and, when possible, students are provided with the opportunity to install a system immediately after class ends.

The Residential Solar PV Certification Workshop is six-week, online and instructor-led learning experience. Students work on a functioning PV system, dismantling and re-installing it, troubleshooting and ensuring its proper operation. They also learn how to design and build a solar generator for back-up during power outages. The course includes the chance to become a certified technician through the Electronic Technician Association (ETA), providing the skills needed for employment in the solar industry. Learn more about these classes and other opportunities at Solar PV Training. You can also watch Jay’s Solar Noon Tuesday Zoom sessions and read his enlightening and entertaining book on the history of energy innovations, When the Biomass Meets the Wind Turbine.

Jay and Annie Warmke founded Blue Rock Station in 1993. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern Ohio, the 40-acre center is a living laboratory to demonstrate sustainable lifestyle concepts and options. They have hosted over 35,000 visitors since 2004. In addition to the PV training, they offer earthship tours, goat college, cheesemaking workshops, and more. Don’t know what an earthship is? It’s a type of passive solar earth shelter that is made of both natural and upcycled materials such as earth-packed tires.