Climate Change Book Club: November 2021

Join us Wednesday, November 17 at 7 pm Eastern.

“In tales of injustice, it’s often said that for every villain defeated, there are 100 others waiting to take their place. In this book, for every person trying to build a better world, there are 1,000 more already doing the same.”

Bright Green Future: How Everyday Heroes are Reimagining the Way We Feed, Power and Build Our World

Green Energy Ohio is very pleased to host the fourth in our virtual book club series and to welcome Trevor Decker Cohen, co-author of Bright Green Future: How Everyday Heroes are Reimagining the Way We Feed, Power and Build Our World, to lead the discussion.

As climate change shifts our planet towards an uncertain future, a movement of unlikely heroes are building a blueprint for a better world. It’s a world where clean power grows wealth for local communities, resources regenerate themselves, city planning is driven by the people, and healthy soil is our greatest asset.  These changemakers have opened a gateway for ordinary people to begin creating the bright future we deserve.

In Bright Green Future we have the opportunity to consider the positive and empowering stories of individuals making real change across the US and the world. Giving a sense of hope and solidarity, Bright Green Future gives voice to everyday heroes, inspiring readers to do the same.

Mr. Cohen has generously offered a 15% discount to Book Club attendees when ordered through the book’s website. The discount code is available on the GEO Climate Change Book Club Facebook page. Here’s your chance to join the Club is you aren’t already a member! It can also be purchased as an e-book on Amazon for $2.99.

Bright Green Future Co-Author and Guest Host for November: Trevor Decker Cohen

Trevor Decker Cohen (left) is a writer who’s passionate about a better future for the planet and wants to shift the pessimistic narrative around climate change to one of hope and inspiration. He’s worked as a content strategist, marketer, and has edited two previous books, including one that provides a non-profit vision for the US healthcare system.

His co-author, Gregory Schwartz, PhD is an author, speaker, and professor of environmental science with publications in academic journals, mainstream periodicals, and trade books. His research explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment, and shows how the causes and solutions to climate change are as much cultural as technological.

Thank you to our Book Club partner, the Citizens Climate Lobby, for connecting us with Mr. Cohen.

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