Accelerating Ohio’s Auto Industry

The purpose of this bill is to protect and expand Ohio’s vehicle manufacturing and supply chain industry by investing in and developing Ohio’s workforce for EV production, supporting the needs of industry members, growing the EV market, and sending a strong signal to the industry that Ohio is all in on EVs.

The Accelerating Ohio’s Auto Industry bill will focus on the following key areas: 

Invest in workforce development. Funding for workforce training and factory retooling across the industry is key to ensuring that vehicles and parts continue to be made in Ohio, thereby protecting and growing Ohio jobs. 

Encourage growth in the Ohio EV market through fleet and consumer vehicle incentives. Encouraging adoption of electric vehicles in Ohio sends a clear signal that we are serious about remaining a strong partner to the auto industry as it shifts to EV production. 

Create a state EV task force and electrification plan. To position Ohio for the future of manufacturing, it is imperative to keep our finger on the pulse of the global automotive industry to leverage trends for the greatest benefit for Ohio’s economy. 

Unlock much-needed investment in EV charging infrastructure. Protecting and building on Ohio’s auto sector as the industry undergoes a global transition is an all-hands-on-deck challenge. 

We encourage you to go to the proposal’s website to learn more about SB 307 and contact your legislators in support of a clean energy future for Ohio.

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