Community Solar: Webinar September 12

September 12, 5:30 pm — Register using the link below.

Join Solar United Neighbors, the Coalition for Community Solar Access and Green Energy Ohio for a webinar on House Bill 197.  

This free public webinar will provide information on HB 197 and the significant benefits community solar will bring to Ohio.

HB 197 will make solar power available for the first time to renters, condo owners, and most small to medium-size businesses who can’t install rooftop solar. It will also provide access to solar power for Ohioans who cannot afford a residential system on their home, and those homeowners whose location or design is not suitable for a solar installation.

A new analysis from the Center for Economic Development and Community Resilience at the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service finds that an “Ohio Community Solar Pilot Program” could contribute nearly $3.49 billion in gross state product (GSP), 27,254 Ohio job years with total earnings of $2.48 billion, and $409.5 million in local tax revenue over its lifetime.

For More on HB197, see the GEO action alert

Join Solar United Neighbors, the Coalition for Community Solar Access, and Green Energy Ohio for a Webinar on House Bill 197

The event will take place on Wednesday, August 23 from 12:00-1:00 pm and will be tailored to companies in the solar energy sector: developers, installers, supply chain manufacturers, and other employers. 

The agenda will cover the following topics: 

  • Understanding Community Solar
  • How Community Solar fits with utility-scale solar and residential installations
  • How Community Solar benefits the solar industry
  • A detailed analysis of HB 197, including a discussion with sponsors of the legislation 
  • Opportunity for Questions and a Call to Action

HB 197 is an important step forward in Ohio, joining other states throughout the nation who have enacted community solar programs to ensure the continued growth of the solar industry and to increase their citizens’ access to clean, affordable solar power.