The Train Has Left the Station: Solar Power is Here to Stay

Gary has always had a strong environmental ethic and has lived accordingly. Before he moved to Athens in 1998, he was living in a cabin off the grid in northern Ohio, working in the family construction business. His first home in Athens was powered exclusively by a 300-watt solar system. It wasn’t until six years later, in 2006, that he upgraded to a 3000-watt grid-tied system.

Doing What You Love: The OH Solar Story

Corbin Holland has long understood the role energy plays in quality of life. Growing up, Corbin was acutely aware of the importance of energy independence. Spending each summer with his Navy-veteran Grandfather, he learned that most wars break out over a lack of resources.

Richard Downs: “Change Happens from the Bottom-Up”

If you follow our member spotlights, you know that they generally focus on senior leaders in big companies. This month, we are featuring a person who has followed a slightly different path, but who has made an unmistakable contribution to his community and to advancing the clean energy message.

In it for the Long Haul: The Third Sun Solar Story

Michelle and Geoff Greenfield do not shy away from a challenge. From building an off-grid house, starting a solar business while raising a family, or living part-time in Colorado while maintaining their Athens-based company, Third Sun Solar, the two are always ready to tackle complicated circumstances.

Let The Sunshine In: Casting Light on Residential Solar Energy in Ohio

Having grown up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he had a large backyard with a creak to explore, Kevin Eigel has always had an interest in nature and the environment. With a father heavily involved in the Oil and Gas Industry, Eigel was equally intrigued with energy production and consumption. It wasn’t until he went to work for his father, though, that Eigel knew what direction his competing interests would take.

Melink’s Bold Steps Towards Sustainable Innovation

In an open field surrounded by solar panels, founder, CEO, and visionary Steve Melink stands where Melink Corporation’s second headquarters will be erected. Just across the street from the first building, the second headquarters will be similar in structure but will improve on its design.