Leading the Charge

Ohio’s Leadership Potential

Green energy plays a vital role in Ohio’s environment and economy. With over 113,000 jobs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry, Ohio ranks among the top 10 states for green energy employment in the
nation. Ohio’s green energy economy spans multiple technologies and includes businesses in 76 of our 88 counties. Given Ohio’s unique combination of resources, infrastructure, and location, the possibilities for greater expansion of the green energy economy appear unlimited.

Our Challenge

Despite this potential, Ohio continues to face challenges from public policy decisions that do not reflect the demand for more clean
energy facilities. This uncertainty makes it difficult for companies to commit the investments necessary for new projects. These projects can have a transformative impact on communities, save consumers money on their electric bills, stimulate economic development, and address the most critical issue of our time – climate change.

Our Effort

The cost of not embracing renewables is more than untapped economic potential; it is also detrimental to the health of Ohio’s citizens and environment. A collaborative effort among large corporations, small businesses, and local governments is essential. Colleges and universities can lead by example through their curriculum, energy management practices, and sustainability initiatives. Individuals citizens must become activists and advocates. These are the constituencies that Green Energy Ohio serves, and the need for an organization that can educate, coordinate, and represent these sectors has never been greater.

Will you help us lead the charge?

For the past two decades, supporters like you have been vital to Green Energy Ohio’s mission to promote sustainable energy policies, technologies, and practices. Now more than ever, a bold message of collective support for green energy must be sent. With your participation, we can continue this crucial work to secure a clean energy future for Ohio.

Leaders serve as an example of the change they want to see in the world. Green Energy Ohio invites you to join our 20th Anniversary Leadership Circle because we believe your example can empower others.