Vote Green Energy

From the presidential election to local races, our votes will determine the direction that Ohio and the nation will take on the most critical issues of our time. Among the many issues vital to our nation’s future, clean energy is most definitely “on the ballot” this November.

Despite some policymakers continued attempts to sideline pivotal environmental and energy policies, Ohioans support a clean energy future.  Even in this time of polarization and pandemic, American’s across the political spectrum continue to call for clean, renewable energy now.

Clean energy is one of the most important pieces of the climate change puzzle. Investment in clean energy must be an integral part of how our country rebuilds—and prepares for a better future.

Now more than ever, we need government action that reflects our commitment. In what is likely to be the most important election of our lifetime, please vote for the policies and leaders that listen to science, promote sustainability, understand the urgency of climate change, and work to prepare both Ohio and our nation for future environmental, economic, and health challenges. Vote green energy.

Clean Energy on the Ballot

There are four ballot initiatives for energy aggregation in Ohio this November. Vote YES for sustainable, affordable electricity on:

Issue #1: Columbus Proposed Electric Service Aggregation Program

Issue #10: Grove City Proposed Electric Service Aggregation Program

Issue #11: Pittsfield Township Proposed Electric Aggregation Program

Proposed Ordinance: Village of Syracuse Electric Aggregation Measure

What is energy aggregation?

Energy aggregation is a way to buy energy by entering into a pool of customers, who can collectively lower costs, kind of like buying in bulk. What makes this an important issue is that it also gives people more say over their electricity, and allows a city with an energy aggregation program to negotiate their electricity as a market. Many of these programs can help transition towards renewable sources and from local Ohio energy, preferably both! These programs allow people to opt-out, and so serve as a great way to expand Ohio’s energy choices and create local energy jobs in growing sectors. Some Ohio municipalities have already aggregated, to find out more check out this fact sheet from the State of Ohio Consumer’s Counsel.