Energy Coalition of Ohio

GEO is proud to serve as a Founding Member of The Energy Coalition of Ohio (ECO).

ECO is a newly-formed group of energy leaders who have come together to host the Annual Ohio Energy Conference, a two-day event created to provide balanced and accessible information about energy system implementation to producers and consumers across the state. 

ECO’s mission is to educate consumers about diverse energy sources, communicate best practices on energy purchasing across organizations large and small, and organize events and conversations to strengthen Ohio’s energy community. 

ECO educates consumers about diverse energy sources, communicates best practices regarding energy purchasing across organizations large and small, and organizes events and conversation, to strengthen Ohio’s energy community. 

Join us for the First Annual Ohio Energy Conference

Wednesday, December 8 and Thursday, December 9 1:15-5:30 PM 

Green Energy Ohio is proud to be a part of this important effort to bring energy producers, consumers, and entrepreneurs together for discussion and dialogue focused on the diverse energy streams in the State of Ohio. This virtual, two-day event will feature innovative leaders from across the energy sector who will share their visions and strategies for implementing alternative energy approaches to an audience of both private and public stakeholders. 

Click here for information on the agenda, speakers and ticket options.