About GEO

In 2020, Green Energy Ohio (GEO) will celebrate 20 years of serving Ohioans and promoting clean energy through education, outreach, and representation.

GEO’s Objectives:

To promote sustainable energy policies, technologies, and practices of value to Ohio’s economy and environment.

  • Green Energy Ohio has presented testimony to the Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Power Siting Board in support of policies and projects that advance the development and deployment of clean energy.
  • In 2016, Green Energy Ohio collaborated with other Ohio environmental organizations to create Project 2022: An Environmental Agenda for the Next Governor of Ohio. GEO participated in briefing both gubernatorial campaigns, speaking to the energy section of the report.
  • Green Energy Ohio is raising awareness on climate change through a monthly Climate Change Book Club and screenings of the documentary The Human Element.

To educate Ohioans on the availability, use, and benefits of renewable resources and energy conservation and efficiency.

  • Over the past 17 years, the Annual Green Energy Ohio Tour has showcased renewable technologies in homes, businesses, and public buildings across the state.
  • In partnership with the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC), GEO is hosting a series of workshops focused on educating local officials about the opportunity to grow local solar in their communities.
  • Green Energy Ohio was one of the first organizations engaged with the photovoltaic training program taking place at the Richland Correctional Institution and continues to support their efforts.

To represent a diverse membership, including individuals, businesses, community and government entities, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations that share GEO’s mission.

  • Green Energy Ohio celebrates the diversity of its membership by presenting Green Achievement Awards annually to businesses, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions that exemplify the GEO’s values and mission.
  • Green Energy Ohio hosts a series of regional Meet, Learn and Share events each year for GEO members and supporters.
  • Green Energy Ohio participates in Earth Day activities throughout Ohio as a way to grow the community of clean energy activists.