incorrect or inaccurate information


false information which is intended to mislead, in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth

Unfortunately, we encounter these terms too frequently today in all areas of our lives. The damage done by misinformation or disinformation can be serious and have long-lasting effects on our society. 

Clean energy has not escaped the impacts of misinformation and disinformation. We hear it in Statehouse committee testimony and Ohio Power Siting Board public meetings. We read it on social media and in letters to the editor.

That’s why we need Green Energy Ohio. 

At Green Energy Ohio, our primary objective is to educate people on renewable resources and energy efficiency – to give Ohioans correct and accurate information on the environmental and economic benefits that these technologies bring to our state, our communities, and our lives. 

Your support will allow GEO to continue to fight the misinformation and disinformation that circulates in the rooms where decisions are made and keeps Ohio from realizing its full clean energy potential. 

Let’s shine a light on the truth about clean energy in 2022!
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