Support the True Meaning of Green

At Green Energy Ohio, we are dedicated to having our words mirror our actions.

The origins of the word “green” can be traced back to Old English, spoken in England and Scotland in the early Middle Ages. The word they used was grōwan, meaning “to grow, increase, flourish, or germinate.” The prevalence of green in nature made it the perfect symbol of the environmental movement as it grew in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

Today, a wide variety of actions, policies, and technologies are labeled as green without well-defined and universally accepted criteria by which they are judged. Has the word been over-used to the point of irrelevance, or hijacked by agendas inconsistent with a sustainable future? Everyone from advertisers to legislators applies it without a true understanding of what it should mean to be green. 

Green Energy Ohio knows what it means to be green and is proud to carry a name that reflects our mission of promoting sustainable energy policies, processes, and technologies. We are committed to seeing sustainable energy generation flourish and Ohioans’ access to clean power grow.

We need your support to ensure that authentic green energy development is abundant in our state.