Sustaining Members

ARP Solar is a general contracting company specializing in the design and installation of solar power systems. Located in the southeast corner of the state, they serve all of Ohio and the surrounding region. With solar power you can rest easier knowing that you are using a power source that doesn’t pollute the environment.

The GOJO purpose drives every decision their Family Enterprise makes, from the products they create to the ways that they work. From their founding on a safer way to clean working hands to their leading-edge approach to reducing the spread of disease-causing germs on hands and the surfaces they touch, their powerful purpose inspires their commitment to better solutions.They continuously innovate to develop well-being solutions that create a healthier ecosystem and improve the lives of those they touch.

Go Sustainable Energy is an energy-efficiency and sustainable energy consulting firm. They provide accurate, unbiased information on energy-efficiency and energy to their clients. They do not sell products, provide design services, finance projects, or install equipment – allowing them to be true owner advocates when exploring energy efficiency opportunities and conducting analysis.

Melink is a global provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for commercial buildings with five offerings: Intelli-Hood Kitchen Ventilation Controls, HVAC Test & Balance, Solar PV , Geothermal HVAC, and PositiV building health monitor. For over 30 years, they’ve been helping companies save energy, increase profits and make the world a more sustainable place. Melink is 100% employee owned, their corporate headquarters is LEED Platinum and Net-Zero Energy, and our vehicle fleet consists of all hybrid and electric cars.

New Morning Energy provides strategic advice on the development and deployment of clean energy technology. Activities range from policy development at the state and regional level to individual project development.

OH Solar began operations in 2019.  They are based out of Columbus and operate throughout the entire state of Ohio. OH Solar operates in the greater Philadelphia area under the name Penn Solar. They are committed to providing their community a better way to purchase their electricity. OH Solar does this by providing their customers with a quality solar installation!

Palmer Energy Company is a Toledo based energy consulting firm founded by Jim Palmer in 1980. Palmer Energy was a natural gas industry pioneer by working on their customers’ behalf as an external consultant.  Purchased by Mark Frye in 1994, Palmer Energy has become a leader in unbiased energy management and consulting. While their evolution continues alongside the energy industry, Palmer Energy Company is dedicated to remaining an integral member of a client’s energy management team.

Solar Power and Light is an Integrated Energy Company headquartered in Ohio. Everything they do is designed to help their customers take charge of their future by cutting costs, hedging risk, and meeting sustainability goals within the area of electric energy spend. One of the fundamental strengths of the SP&L is that they have an innovation strategy and that its underpinnings are rooted in the diversity of its people and relationship with their partners.

Telhio Credit Union has been a strong and stable financial institution in central Ohio since 1934. They are a not-for-profit, full-service financial institution cooperative, meaning their members are owners and can expect to receive high-quality financial services to meet all of their needs. Telhio is strong and safe, and has been serving Central Ohio for more than 75 years.

TMI believes that you can never have Too Much Information. Utilizing the extent of this information is a critical process in making good decisions about how to operate, maintain, and sustain your facility environment. But it starts with the facts. Their value proposition is to help you better understand how these resources are being utilized today, so they can partner on a more sustainable solution for tomorrow.