Supporting Members

Design Energy works hard to keep the value of renewable energy & storage in your project and in your community. As an Ohio company they are committed to local jobs, local content and local investment to ensure that the stabilizing benefits of renewable energy generation and storage stay with you, their customers. They build energy resilience and financial security.

Edison Solar was founded primarily to make a difference in the changing global environment and to reduce the dependence of the United States on foreign energy. Their motto is “cleaning up the world one job at a time”. They believe that renewable energy projects with government support, which all the other energy sectors receive, can now be done economically and that their team is more than qualified to execute any project they undertake.

The Anderson-DuBose Company is dedicated to being a leader in the distribution industry by providing world-class service and brand protection to our valued business partners. Their associates are committed to operational excellence, continuous improvement, environmental sustainability, respect for each other, community engagement, and ethical conduct while fostering a culture of employee appreciation.

Kinnard’s is a local solar installation company focused on Licking County and the surrounding areas. They provide innovative energy solutions that save money and protect the environment.

Energility believes every business deserves access to an energy manager. Nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and commercial enterprises benefit from their proven energy intelligence. Their mission is to transfer operations knowledge to owners of buildings, create action plans to improve equipment and operations, establish results which lower environmental disruption, and support local economies by collaborating with resources in the community.

Energy Optimizers, USA specializes in developing, engineering, and implementing energy efficiency and energy savings projects for educational, governmental and commercial customers. Their goal is to reduce their clients’ costs while saving the environment. As a family-owned business, they emphasize ethics, honesty, customer service, and education. They are passionate about assisting school districts and local governments in reducing operational costs, so they can use these funds to improve the educational process or provide essential services without raising taxes.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation was founded in 1985 and is a 501(c) (3) charitable, nonprofit organization. It has helped community groups, civic leaders and consumers in rural, suburban and urban neighborhoods use agriculture to address a variety of quality of life issues. Today the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation funds programming in four areas: education, community development, legal issues and animal issues. Ohio Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that works to support our state’s food and farm community.

Hoon Incorporated is a Design-Build General Contractor Specializing in building solutions for any project and any budget. They combine the old-time value of customer satisfaction with forward thinking efforts for conserving natural resources to protect the environment for years to come. Their mission is to continue to impact the community by offering customers quality work with professionalism, integrity and an environmentally conscious attitude while providing a good standard of living for ourselves, their employees and their families.

Modern Energy is an Energy Technology Company that specializes in Solar PV Systems, Live Energy Monitoring, and Energy Security. Their team will focus on the complete energy portfolio of your home or business. They use professional staff to ensure that you are getting an energy solution that not only reduces your environmental impact, but also maximizes your cost savings.

RBI Solar Inc. is a leading provider of solar mounting systems. They design, engineer, manufacture, and install solar mounting systems for commercial and utility scale projects. They focus on providing best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. As a Rough Brothers sister company, RBI Solar works with clients to implement the most cost effective and efficient solar racking systems on each project.

Talan Products is a full service metal stamping company and manufacturer of tooling and engineered parts dedicated to meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations. Over the decades they have become one of the most acclaimed and highly regarded stampers in the United States. Talan produces a variety of products for over 150 customers in the fastener, building products, appliance, hardware, defense and green energy markets.

Third Sun Solar’s mission is to accelerate the shift to clean energy, serve their customers, be reliable and driven, and value growth. It takes a lot to succeed in the Solar Industry for 20 years. They are proud of the reputation they have built. Third Sun Solar operates with a triple bottom line commitment to people, the planet, and profit.

Solar Energy Solutions is 100% dedicated to the full-time design, development, and construction of residential, institutional and commercial solar energy projects throughout the Kentucky and the surrounding 9 states. Their staff includes numerous NABCEP certified photovoltaic installers, engineers, and licensed electricians. Solar Energy Solutions was founded on three goals; building the next generation clean energy economy, creating local sustainable skilled jobs; and exploring the latest in solar technologies! 

The Vistula Management Company provides high quality development, construction, and management services for multi-family housing. Their primary mission is to plan, develop and manage quality housing for families, elderly, and handicapped persons. The employee-owned company manages approximately 1600 units of multi-family housing in 16 projects throughout Northwest Ohio and has extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of many different types of properties.

Solarvision champions the renewable energy movement by creating dynamic solutions for financing and developing utility-scale solar power systems. Bringing a depth of experience and passion for sustainable energy alternatives, our founders are trailblazers in Ohio’s renewable energy industry and understand the impact of solar energy on the environment as well as the added benefits of lower energy costs and changing government regulations.

Over the course of nearly four decades, M+A Architects has carved out a reputation as a reliable and collaborative partner, articulating a progressive design and development vision and forging strong and lasting relationships across the industry. Today, an experienced team practices M+A’s trademark brand of smart and sustainable design, balancing the art and science of architecture across several dedicated design studios.

Cleveland Bricks is a property developer and estate developer based in Cleveland. Cleveland Bricks is built on a foundation of Cleveland pride, on the understanding of what it means to be Cleveland-raised and what it takes to keep it strong.

Government Edge is a leading government affairs firm serving clients in Ohio and Washington, D.C. They place a premium on personal attention to their client’s needs, and they deliver results with honesty and integrity. As a third-generation government and public affairs firm, they have the experience, knowledge, and established relationships necessary to achieve success for their clients. Government Edge has a proven track record of converting their clients’ goals into legislative, regulatory, and administrative action. 

Sway’s Carshare as a Service platform makes it easy to create a boutique carshare offering that meets the diverse needs of cities, neighborhoods, businesses, and more. We’re focused on making sure mobility is equitable and affordable because, without the ability to move freely, we have limited access to resources, jobs, amenities, and the things most of us take for granted. Whether you are looking to deploy a single car at your facility or dozens of cars across a city, Sway makes it easy for you to set up a carshare program.

EBB Solutions is a customer-driven company that was created to help our clients achieve long-term success. We are a unique team that has over 100 years of experience providing innovative energy and sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives and makes the world a better place.

SOPEC is a non-profit public service organization that manages community choice aggregation programming for member communities. As a regional council of governments under Chapter 167 of the Ohio Revised Code, aggregation law allows SOPEC member communities to purchase electricity as a group. SOPEC is governed by a board of directors made up of elected officials and representatives from its member communities. SOPEC provides shared administrative, financial, and legal services required for high-value public energy programs and projects that support sustainable communities.