Ohio Power Siting Board

The Ohio Power Siting Board‘s mission is “to support sound energy policies that provide for the installation of energy capacity and transmission infrastructure for the benefit of the Ohio citizens, promoting the state’s economic interests, and protecting the environment and land use.”

The Board is comprised of seven voting members: The Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission and the Directors of the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, Development Services Agency, Department of Health, and Department of Natural Resources. A public member, who must be an engineer, is appointed by the Governor.  Two members of the Ohio Senate and two members of the Ohio House of Representatives serve as non-voting members.

The Board reviews and acts upon siting applications and promulgates rules related to its statutory authority. Green Energy Ohio submits comments to the OPSB on cases under review.

Previously Submitted Testimony

Fountain Point Solar Energy Center (August 2023)

Oak Run Solar Project (April 2023)

Springwater Solar Project (October 2022)

Palomoino Solar Energy Project (June 2022)

Dodson Creek (November 2021)

Yellow Wood Solar Energy Center (October 2021)

Pleasant Prairie Solar Energy Center (July 2021)

New Market Solar Project (January 2021)

Emerson Creek Wind Farm (September 2020)