Friends of GEO

As I sat down to write this, I looked for quotes that I could use – quotes that would succinctly express the concept of being a friend. There were pages and pages of quotes from Aristotle to Mark Twain to Taylor Swift, but nothing that quite suited the occasion.

And what is the occasion? Green Energy Ohio is adopting a new model of support: The Friends of GEO. Over the past two decades, GEO has been fortunate to have individual members, donors, volunteers, and supporters. All of you have contributed to the pursuit of our mission, albeit in different ways.

There is strength in numbers, and it has become clear to us that GEO’s impact can be even greater if we bring our members and donors together under one umbrella — our new Friends of GEO program!

For our current senior, individual, and household members, this means that we will no longer be sending renewal notices. Instead, we will be offering some fundraising opportunities that will allow you to give whatever amount you want, whenever you want. For our current donors, we hope that you will continue to support us, whether during the Annual Campaign or events and appeals throughout the year. 

For those who haven’t contributed to GEO before, we invite you to make a donation of any amount and become a Friend of GEO. 

Access to our programming and communications will remain the same — in fact, you will see some additional “Friends Only” information and activities, in addition to the broader programs we have planned for 2023, including:

  • Earth Day Virtual 5K Run, Walk or Bike the weekend of April 21-23
  • Online Climate Change Book Club — next meeting on May 11
  • Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception on June 1 at the University of Dayton
  • Third Annual Ohio Energy Conference on November 8-9 in Columbus

Let’s make 2023 a year of clean energy progress!

Thank you for your support,

Jane Harf
Executive Director