GEO/IGSEnergy/Alternative Gas & Electric Solutions (AGES) Natural Gas Program

GEO has partnered with IGS Energy, the nation’s leading independent retail provider of natural gas, to develop a special program managed by Alternative Gas & Electric Solutions LLC (AGES).  The program is currently available to customers of Columbia Gas.  The AGES program was designed specifically to help you get the best rate possible on your natural gas while assisting GEO’s efforts to educate the public about conservation and opportunities to transition to the use of renewable energy sources.

How can we get you the best rate for the natural gas you use at your home of small business?  By utilizing the strength of group buying, skilled professionals aggressively work the natural gas market to find the best price for your natural gas through IGS Energy.  In fact, last year the average customer on the AGES program saved over $37 dollars a month during the winter months.*  Past performance does not guarantee future savings, however if you are ever unhappy with the program you may cancel free of charge.

By enrolling in this program you’ll be helping the environment too!  A portion of the money you pay each month for your natural gas will be allocated to support green energy initiatives.  It’s simple to enroll and your service with Columbia will not change.  They will continue to deliver your gas, read your meter and send your monthly invoice.  The only change is the price you pay, and now you’ll be helping the environment too!

There is absolutely no risk, since there are no sign up fees, no cancellation fees, no long term commitments.  Remember, if you are ever unhappy with the program or the price you pay you, can easily cancel free of charge.

To enroll in the program call IGS Energy toll free at 1-888-995-0992, Monday – Friday, 8 am to 7 pm (ET)

You will need your Columbia Gas account number at the time you enroll.  You can find your account number on your most recent gas bill.