House Bill 74

Green Energy Ohio (GEO) believes that the Ohio Senate should reexamine Ohio’s Electric Vehicle (EV), Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV), and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) registration fees, and establish more appropriate levels. Ohio’s current electric and hybrid vehicle fees – set at $200 and $100 respectively – are not only an impediment to vehicle adoption, but also send negative market signals to auto manufacturers that might consider locating in Ohio. We agree with others who have stated that electric vehicle owners do not want to eliminate the fee; rather, they want to see a reduction that would balance paying their fair share with motivation for growth in EV adoption and in Ohio’s EV manufacture and supply chain sector. 

As EV ownership is rapidly increasing across the country, it is important to note that Ohio’s registration fees are among the highest in the U.S., and this fee structure suggests that Ohio is not open for EV adoption or innovation. Ohio must continue to embrace the future and welcome new technologies that advance our state and benefit our citizens. 

Green Energy Ohio respectfully requests registration rates be set to $100 for Electric Vehicle, and $50 for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles. Since Hybrid Electric Vehicles run primarily on gasoline, they should not pay an extra registration fee

Click here to read the full testimony submitted by GEO March 17, 2021.