Community Solar

Join Solar United Neighbors, the Coalition for Community Solar Access and Green Energy Ohio for a webinar on House Bill 197 on September 12 at 5:30 pm. This free public webinar will provide information on HB 197 and the significant benefits community solar will bring to Ohio.

July Climate Change Book Club

Continuing our discussion on taking action, we are turning to the issue of how to create an energy system that works for everyone, including marginalized communities and those most in danger from the effects of climate change. This Book Club will take place on Wednesday, July 26 at 7:00 pm. Co-hosted by Ohio Chapters of the Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Friends of GEO

Green Energy Ohio is adopting a new model of support: The Friends of GEO. Over the past two decades, GEO has been fortunate to have individual members, donors, volunteers, and supporters.

May Climate Change Book Club

Our next Book Club discussion will provide answers. "Advocating for the Environment" is both a call to action and a blueprint for success. The GEO Book Club is being led by Bob McCollister and Brianna Sauerland. They have created a interactive space for participants, including the chance to vote on the next book at the end of each meeting!