GEO Connections Newsletter

Starting in 2018, GEO switched from a quarterly magazine to an online email Newsletter called Connections. The monthly newsletter includes items such as updates from GEO Executive Director, Jane Harf, as well as spotlight Green Energy initiatives, relevant news from around the state, updates from our Ohio partners, and relevant Green Energy events. Not only is an online Newsletter better for the environment, it also allows us to distribute Green Energy information to a much wider base of Green Energy enthusiasts. The Connections Newsletter is shared with over 5,000 members and supporters.

December 2020 – Resolve to be Green in 2021!

November 2020 – The Sun Shines on Ohio

October 2020 – Time to Celebrate & Time to Vote!

September 2020 – Autumn Adventures with GEO!

Summer 2020 – Summertime Isn’t Slowing GEO Down!

June 2020 – Going Green with Government, Business, and Nonprofits!

May 2020 – Green Growth Outside, Green Ideas Inside!

Spring 2020 – Staying Green and Keeping Connected!

February 2020 – Green Activities Coming Your Way!

January 2020 – Green Resolutions and Green Celebrations!


December 2019 – Gratitude, Inspiration and Celebration!

Autumn 2019 – 20th Anniversary, New GEO Website, 2019 Tour, and More!

September 2019 – 17th Annual Green Energy Ohio Tour

August 2019 – Back to School, Football, Clean Energy

July 2019 – Let the Sunshine In with GEO!

June 2019 – Summer is Time to Grow with GEO!

May 2019 – Award Winners, Policy Update, Membership, and More!

March 2019 – Earth Day, Green Achievement Award Winners, and Spring!

February 2019 – The GEO Journey Continues

January 2019 – An Exciting Start to 2019


December 2018 – Give the Gift of Green

November 2018 – Support a Clean Energy Future With GEO!

October 2018 – A look back at the Tour and ahead to November!

September 2018 – Everything you need for the 2018 GEO Tour

July 2018 – Look What’s Happening with GEO this Summer!

June 2018 – Get Ready for the 2018 Green Energy Ohio Tour!

May 2018 – New Policies, New Jobs, and New Campaigns!

March 2018 – Updates from the Road!

February 2018 – Join us on GEO’s Road Trip!