Jane Harf
Executive Director

Jane Harf assumed the position of Executive Director at Green Energy Ohio in June 2017. In recent years, she has been engaged in energy and environmental consulting, with clients including the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Ohio Environmental Council, and the National Wildlife Federation. In 2014-2015, she served as Director and Spokesperson for Ohio’s Energy Future Tour, a collaboration among businesses, trade associations, nonprofits, and local governments designed to showcase the positive impact of renewable energy and energy efficiency throughout the state. Previously, Ms. Harf served as Director of the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO), a statewide coalition of public and private colleges and universities. Ms. Harf spent ten years in various leadership positions at American Electric Power, including Vice President for External Affairs at AEP Ohio and Vice President for Government Affairs for the seven eastern states in the AEP system. In state government, Ms. Harf served as Executive Director of the Ohio Low-Level Radioactive Waste Facility Development Authority and Deputy Director for Low-Level Radioactive Waste at Ohio EPA. In 1991, she joined Ohio EPA as Deputy Director for Policy and Legislation.  Ms. Harf’s expertise in environmental issues was developed during her tenure as State Government Liaison for the Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club.  Ms. Harf received a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree in political science from the Ohio State University, with an emphasis on American government and politics.

Erin Marie Fisher
Director of Communication and Outreach

Driven to back her passion with greater intelligence, Erin Marie graduated in December 2018 with her B.A in Political Science and Environmental Sustainability. Erin Marie has political experience with local, state, and national policy, including positions at the Partnership for Responsible Growth in Washington, D.C, Willoughby City Council, and most recently, the 2018 Ohio Attorney General Race. In her free time, Erin Marie is focused on community engagement, serving as a Restoration and Reduced Waste Volunteer for the Cleveland Metroparks, and formerly, the collective action Silver Biological Sanctuary, and the Oxford Board of Elections. She has previously worked alongside Director Jane Harf teaching a U.S. Energy Policy, Strategic Interests, Climate Change, and Globalization course at Miami University.

Allison South
Communications & Member Relations Intern

Allison attends Miami University and is working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Energy, and Sustainability and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, concentrating on energy and the environment. Also at Miami, she is the President of a service organization and a sustainability organization, and is serving as a co-leader for the Sustainability Team on the Honors Student Advisory Board. In the past year, she has worked on a committee alongside other student leaders and faculty members to draft a plan to meet the University Presidents’ sustainability charge. After graduation, she hopes to take her on-campus experiences with educating others about environmental issues and sustainable practices and apply them to state and local political action regarding renewable energy.”