Icebreaker Wind Project

Icebreaker Wind is a unique wind energy project – the first offshore wind facility in the Great Lakes, the first freshwater wind farm in North America, and only the second offshore wind project in the entire U.S. Very simply, it offers Ohio the opportunity to become a national leader in the emerging offshore wind industry.

GEO has submitted letters of support to various public forums and the Ohio Power Siting Board. Click on the corresponding year to view our letters of public support.

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Project Updates

On August 10, 2022, in a 6-1 decision, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of Icebreaker Wind, affirming that the state permit was correctly granted, allowing the project to move forward. The challenge, brought by two Bratenahl residents, was the last legal hurdle to the development of the first fresh water, off shore wind turbine installation in North America. GEO actively supported Icebreaker Wind at every stage.

On May 21, 2022 Green Energy Ohio the Ohio Power Siting Board removed the nighttime “feathering” requirement from their order on Icebreaker Windpower. GEO denounced the initial decision as containing a “poison pill” intended to undermine the financial viability of the project. The unanimous vote on the amendment offered by Director Mary Mertz of the Department of Natural Resources allows Icebreaker to move forward toward final approval.